Sparks & Ellis have introduced a brand-new two-piece Jumpsuit to their range which offers versatility, comfort and durability. With double knees and shoulders for extra protection and the multi-pocket layout with ample space enables you to carry all your vital equipment with you wherever you go. 

The jumpsuit is available either in a 65/35 Polycotton blend, or a 65/35 Polycotton Ripstop fabric which helps to prevent garments from tearing. 

We also offer optional extras such as the Lumi-Viz® light emitting night tape and the option to add your personalized company logo and rank. Price on request.

The jumpsuits are available in all sizes and come in a selection of navy blue, black and bronze and are all priced at R895.00 each excl Vat.  

Please contact your Sparks & Ellis salesperson on 021 404 1240 or email to place your order.

Thank you and kind regards,

The Sparks Team

About Lumi-Viz®

The unique Sparks & Ellis trademark tape, Lumi-viz® is a tape that absorbs light from the sun, daylight or even normal home or office lighting. This absorbed light is then given off for up to 12 hours after it has been ‘charged’, always making the wearer visible, even in total darkness.

This tape provides extra safety for people who need to be seen in all light conditions. It is a highly effective and affordable way of improving safety for your protective clothing.