We uncover the specs on our fabric masks

Locally manufactured fabric face masks are now in stock here at Sparks & Ellis, priced @ R13.50 each excl. VAT and Filters priced @ R50.00 for 100 excl. VAT.

The 100% polyester mask meets the DTIC recommended guidelines, which were updated on the 24th of April 2020.

The envelope type masks and can be worn with or without a filter and has the following specifications:

The outer and inner fabric

Highly breathable

Does not get damp

Does not give off lint fibres

Quick drying after washing

Very durable – lasts for more than 40 x washes


D15 Filter
The 3-layer D15 filter has been specially developed in South Africa for use in face masks by the general population. It entraps 95% of micro particles above 5µm (microns) in the fight against Covid-19.

Cleaning procedure
All new masks and filters must be sterilised by being soaked in boiling water before use
Remove by the straps only
Place complete unit (mask and filter) in a bowl and cover with boiling water from a kettle for 5 minutes.
Wash hands and face using Covid-19 protocols
Remove mask from water and rinse in cold water
Press dry with a dishcloth or paper towels, remove the filter and put the mask and filter aside to airdry
The mask may be washed by hand or machine after removing the filter
Do not squeeze, wring out or wash the filter as this could damage its delicate structure
The filter should be replaced after being sterilised seven times.

Please contact Sparks & Ellis on 021 404 1240 or email info@sparks.co.za to place your orders.

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